About Orenda Pulverizers Inc.

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We make smaller better, faster

Orenda Pulverizers Inc. has been in the size-reduction business since 1996. We design, engineer, manufacture and service pulverizing/micronizing systems. In short, we help our customers make finer, higher-quality powders from polymers and other materials.

We take pride in providing the plastics industry with practical and cost-effective solutions that meet its demands. We manufacture our pulverizing equipment using the latest technology so that we can deliver superior quality products to our customers.

Our experienced and fully-qualified team of designers, technicians, engineers and skilled workers guarantee customer satisfaction. Our strength lies in our longstanding track record of innovative thinking, professionalism and exceptional customer care. As a result of our dedication to customer service and the superior quality of our equipment, the Orenda name is synonymous with pulverizing/micronizing equipment, automation solutions and material transfer systems.


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