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Plastic PVC, HDPE, LLDPE, PP Pulverizing Equipment

Only Mother Nature makes better powder

Orenda pulverizing/gringing equipment has a longstanding track record for producing consistently high-quality plastic powders for rotomolding, compounding, mixing, recycling, and other processes. Our pulverizers/micronizers reduce the size of Polyethylene, PVC, Nylon, PET, PP, UHMW and more.

Our equipment is engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure it will excel at handling even the most demanding applications. The technical specifications for our pulverizing/micronizing systems are developed by qualified engineers under intense factory and field-testing conditions. The result is equipment that is durable, reliable, easy to maintain and simple to operate – providing years of trouble-free service.

Orenda H1D Series

The H1D series is engineered to meet the most rigorous production and quality demands. Compare the Orenda H1D series of pulverizers/micronizers with any other pulverizer/micronizer and you will see why our customers choose us. The H1D series of pulverizers/micronizers are robust, reliable, simple to operate, easy to maintain and cost effective. Can you say the same for your pulverizer?

Orenda H1D Series of fully automatic pulverizers/micronizers feature:

Before purchasing your next pulverizing/micronizing system, take advantage of our detailed and informative demonstration of the H1D series of pulverizers/micronizers. Contact us today to set up a demonstration.

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