AirForce®: Air Cooled Sifting Device

    **Patent pending Air Cooled Sifting Device**

Orenda is at it again. The Air Cooled Sifting Device will enhance the particle classifying process, while cooling the hot pulverized material, for easier cleaning and increased durability.

The invention introduces a new way of sifting material. The hollow plastic design allows air flow through the structure to keep the components cool. The unique device will be available in distinct colors and is suitable for pharmaceutical and food applications. We are excited about the AirForce® air cooled sifting device technology and the pending patent.

AirForce®: Auto Gap Adjust

    **Patent pending Auto Gap Adjust**

Operators no longer need to stop machines for time consuming adjustments.


AirForce®: Mill Technology

    **Patented AirForce by Orenda**

Say goodbye to inefficiency. The revolutionary AirForce® mill technology eliminates the need for water cooling.

The patented AirForce® mill technology uses air drawn into the mill housing to cool the mill and the material as it is being pulverized. The result is dramatically improved production rates while consuming less energy and eliminating the use of water for any aspect of the cooling process. Combined with its ease of use, lower maintenance requirements and extended disc life, the AirForce® mill systems improves your bottom line while delivering optimal particle size distribution and morphology.

Benefits include:

1 Compared to conventional 500 mm. disc pulverizing systems.

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