AF H1D 420

AF H1D 420 Pulverizer / Micronizer

Sharing the same footprint as the AF H1D 500, the AF H1D 420 utilizes a 100 hp motor with a 5 deck sifter pack yielding a production rate of up to 1760 lb/hr when processing LLDPE and up to 950 kg/hr when processing rigid PVC. Performance, efficiency, great production rates; price wise this model has it all.


Single mill with 100 HP high efficiency motor, patented air cooling technology of rotary and stationary cutting discs, 16.6″discs are double faced and disposable, 8″ rotary valve, 5 deck sifter, fully automatic – PLC and touch screen controls.

Model AF H1D420
Number of Mills 1
Disc Diameter (2 double faced discs) in. 16.6
mm 420
Total Electrical Power Requirement HP 110
KW 82
Mill Motor HP 100
KW 75
Voltages Available As Required
System Base Width x Depth in. 85 x 71
mm 2159 x 1803
System Maximum Height in. 216
mm 5486
Sifter Type Centrifugal
Total Sifter Screen Area (5 decks) in2 3109
cm2 20060
Method of Grind Gap Adjustment External While Running
Rate Control Type (Temp, Amps, Both) Both
Computer Controls Included Yes
Touchscreen Adjustable High Temp Control Yes
Touchscreen Adjustable High Amp Control Yes
Hopper Loader Optional
Metal Separator Optional
Quick Clean Airlock Optional
Dust Collector Optional
Production Rate 30 Mesh HDPE lb/hr 1100 – 1760
600 microns kg/hr 500 – 800
Production Rate 20 Mesh rigid PVC lb/hr 1540 – 2090
840 microns kg/hr 700 – 950
In-Plant Set-up & Training Available Yes
Orenda AirForce Technology
US Patent # 9,468,929
US Design Patent #: D 734376
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