The Nordic Arm Conference 2020

February 14, 2020 Orenda Pulverizers No Comments »

Orenda Automation Technologies’ Farzan Ramezani and Michael Delidis presented “The Evolution of Pulverizing Technology” at the recent 11th Nordic Arm conference on Feb 4 & 5. The audience was taken through a journey of history, science and pulverizers with the presentation being very well received! Pictures and videos were taken and many questions asked including how to upgrade older machinery.  We provided solutions to this query by explaining the advantages and ease of our cost efficient RetroFit Kits.

The discussion also moved to recycling and reusing material by purchasing a shredder or granulator to work in conjunction with an Orenda mill. Doing so would enable reusing material that is being recycled.

Along with a very successful conference experience,  we felt magical Helsinki is ready and eager to learn about new technologies.

With the 4th Industrial Revolution upon us, the attendees agreed that “same old” is not going to survive in this new age of AI, automation and internet-connected technologies. We need to update our mindsets to understand and meet the demands this new market is going to be making of us and the challenges that will arise and shape us. It’s a “brand new world” and this one is a game changer!

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