Orenda Announces Revolutionary AirForce Mill Technology

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Markham, ON, CanadaOrenda proudly announces a breakthrough development in the field of size reduction. This innovation represents the biggest advancement in the pulverizing industry in recent decades. The engineers at Orenda, have branded this new technology:AirForce.

This patented revolutionary technology eliminates the use of water for cooling purposes. Intelligent channeling of ambient air throughout the mill results in a dramatic improvement in production rates; reduces energy consumption and lowers maintenance requirements and costs.

The new mill features two air intake manifolds, specially designed carrying plate and lid, an isolated cooling chamber and double faced disposable discs. These innovations combine to produce unparalleled cooling, material of superior quality and a dramatic reduction in mill melts. In all testing of the new AirForce mill, Orenda technicians were not able to produce a meltdown while pulverizing natural polyethylene.

According to Nicholas Tsouras, Special Projects Engineer, Orenda’s new technology was developed out of a realization that, if the mill plates can be kept at a lower temperature, it would be possible to significantly increase material throughput without causing meltdowns.

Using the AirForce technology, material can be pulverized to within 5⁰ C of its melting point while with the older water cooling technology material has to be pulverized to within 35⁰ C – 40⁰ C of its melting point.

Benefits realized from the application of the new AirForce mill technology include:

  • Increased Production Rates of up to 100%
  • Energy Savings by 40%
  • Water Cooling Elimination
  • Lower Maintenance / Operating Costs
  • Wider spectrum of processable materials
  • Excellent finished material quality
  • Disposable double faced discs
  • Elimination of disk re-sharpening and associated costs
  • Extended disk life by 30%
  • A 20% savings over conventional disc associated costs

October 8th 2014 AirForce Technology was introduced to ARM members at Rotoplas in Chicago. The presentation was given by Dr. Gareth McDowell of 493K Limited, United Kingdom. Orenda’s international sales team was on hand fielding the many questions from the enthusiastic industry professionals, who were looking for in-depth information as to the inner workings of this new technology.

Dr. Nick Henwood from Rotomotive Ltd. who witnessed the testing, evaluated the merits and potential of the new system thus: ” There is no doubt, in the opinion of this independent consultant, that the new Orenda technology represents a genuine technological breakthrough in the capability of ambient pulverizers to deliver high quality PE powder at rapid through-put rates. This is an area of process improvement that has eluded machine developers for several decades.”

Orenda Pulverizers Inc. has been in the size reduction business since 1994 with facilities in North America and Europe. The company designs, engineers, manufactures and services pulverizing systems for the plastics industry.

Orenda would like to take this opportunity to thank all attendees of Rotoplas 2014.

Your enthusiastic support and interest in this new technology is very much welcomed!

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