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Ongoing size reduction projects by Orenda, utilizing the AirForce pulverizing technology, prove successful in grinding materials that other ambient pulverizers have failed to process cost effectively

The latest project involved Play Power, the request: pulverize “INFUSE” material from the DOW Chemical Company, a material with a durometer reading of 80 to 90.

Play Power was not successful in pulverize this material cost effectively using their existing equipment (very low production rates)

On December 22, 2015 the Orenda team, with Mr. Brian Boarder from Play Power in attendance, began the process of pulverizing 1000 lbs. of “INFUSE” pellets. The Dow Chemical Co. graciously provided the material.

Lift out trays used for this test had 38 SSBC (35 US standard) screens in them.

Results, the AirForce pulverizer was able to successfully grind this material at a rate of 700 lbs./hr. in a very stable condition, with good flow and density.

The pulverized “INFUSE” material was taken to a company called Dock Edge to be rotomolded.

Interestingly enough, we were able to rotomold parts using 50% less “INFUSE” powder, (in weight) than the “Plastisol” (liquid) material that is regularly used to make the same part.

The end result was, that we were able to produce a strong, light, durable part using 50% less “INFUSE” material.

A second trial has been requested, pulverizing the same material using 24 SSBC (20 US standard) screens in the lift out trays.

We anticipate that the AirForce pulverizer will produce much greater rates grinding the “INFUSE” material at the coarser grade.

This project is still ongoing; Orenda will make available all results of the test.

Using the AirForce pulverizer, Orenda is also performing tests on materials at the opposite end of the spectrum of the “INFUSE” material (which is hard).

Orenda is currently pulverizing “PP” materials (which is soft), to date the testing has been moderately successful, we continue to fine tune the process and expect to achieve acceptable commercial results soon.

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